Moving to Thriving

Moving to Thriving

The empty tomb, inc research firm reports, “Many churches are declining and will close in the next decade.” That sounds urgent.

Dr. Ed Kruse, former National Director for Stewardship ELCA, formed to invite congregations online to help engage the under-involved, increase worship attendance and giving, and solve other stewardship issues, in order that all congregations can be sustainable.

Moving to Thriving is a 12-month initiative that helps churches become healthier. Many organizations are not thriving and are not sustainable. Trends show decline leading to closing. Losses are huge – of valuable life-giving qualities, and even legacies. Local churches are reportedly the largest category of organizations that face this danger. One reason is that churches lack “turnaround capacity” and sustainability. To be healthier, churches must develop turnaround capacity. Moving to Thriving helps churches develop “turnaround capacity” online.

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