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Testimonial from Attendee at Revitalizing Your Congregation

“I have known Ed Kruse for many years. When I first met him, he was Rev. Ed Kruse a LCMS Pastor in Waterloo, IA. Ed served as my Vicarage (seminary internship) Supervisor, at Grace Lutheran Church, Waterloo, IA in ’75-76.”

“My Vicarage year at Grace Lutheran, Waterloo, IA was a very important ministry formation time for me. Ed Kruse played a HUGE part in that formation. One of the ministry areas that I was introduced to, during that year, was “Evangelism Explosion” training. That introduction encouraged me to continue reaching out, with the embrace of Jesus Christ, throughout my whole ministry.”

“I have kept in touch with Ed over the years, and have found him to often be on the “cutting edge” of ministry growth development for Christian congregations. He founded HealthierChurch.org several years ago. Ed (representing HealthierChurch.org) recently led a three hour workshop on “Activating Inactive Church Members” in Naples, FL. His information was very challenging and revealing… THANK YOU, ED!!”
~  Rev. Darrell Stuehrenberg, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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