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List of Spiritual Gifts

Description of Spiritual Gifts

You have spiritual gifts. Every believer has been given spiritual gifts, at least one per person. Whether you have one or more than one is not a concern, we’re not keeping score. What matters is that it is God’s pleasure and joy to give you spiritual gifts. God enjoys helping you unwrap them and use them.

God gives spiritual gifts to accomplish two important purposes. The first purpose is to give glory to God. The second purpose is to build up the members of the body of Christ. Contact us at info@healthierchurch.org and discover what happens in churches where members identify and use their spiritual gifts, it’s amazing.

Do you ever wonder what you are to do in life? Well, the “what” question is answered by your passion(s), and the “how” question is answered by your spiritual gifts. God gives and stimulates both. As Christians it is our joy to discern our gifts, experiment with them, and exercise them. When you and I use our spiritual gifts, we are glad, at peace and inwardly excited.

Your spiritual gifts are special in 3 ways. First, you are able to do them with ease, second, you enjoy doing them and third, you sense that you are in God’s design for you when you use your gifts.

Many Christians are not aware how “gifted” they are. You may not be as aware of your gifts now as you will be in the future. You are on a wonderful journey.

While all spiritual gifts are to glorify God and build up the body of Christ, all gifts have different functions within those two purposes. One spiritual gift helps us to develop harmony between people, another enables us to welcome strangers and another helps a person to see God’s solutions. One gift helps a person to influence others and another gives one awareness of God’s presence in times of difficulty. One gift is a God-given listening ability. Other gifts enable us to care, administer for God, help behind the scenes, lead others to Christ, have compassion or speak to God on others behalf. No one has all the spiritual gifts.

What are your spiritual gifts? Take the spiritual gifts inventory. Do so each year. It will help you think about your gifts. All the results are uplifting. You will probably want to learn more about how you can use your gifts for God’s glory and for building up the body of Christ.

It is not bragging to say that you think you have a particular gift. It is to God’s credit, not yours. Many gifts are always available for use. Some gifts are only there at special times when they must be exercised. It is appropriate for you to use your gifts as God leads you to use them, when you are sufficiently prepared to use them and when you are available to use them.

Shaping a New Ministry Model This link will open an article that tells about a successful Spiritual Gifts model in one congregation.

“We were divided and  we came together in one amazing weekend.”
~  Pastor B., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

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